Privacy Policy

1. French National Commission for Privacy Declaration

We inform you that we have made a declaration to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), complying to the January 6th, 1978 law requirements.

2. Data of our customers: Enrichment Platform users

We store 2 types of data on our platform, which are described below:

2.1. Source Images

Every document, image or PDF file, that you upload via our platform is first stored in its original format on our servers. Its file name and path in the file system are generated randomly.

For each PDF document page, several thumbnails of different sizes are created and stored the same way. Same thing for every single image and every image zone if there is any.

2.2. Data elements

For each client organization, we store its name and the email address of at least one user.

3. Data of our customers: Mobile, SDK and Image Search API users

Onprint does not store any image captured by the mobile application users. They are used to search for the associated enrichments and destroyed after search.

3.1. Clickstream

We store, for each request sent by a smartphone, anonymous information for statistics: application identifier, phone screen size, timestamp, enrichment result.

4. Data hosting

Our hosting partner is NAITWAYS, IP operator, private cloud host, expert in system infrastructure, networks and security.

The Datacenters are Neutral buildings certified ISO 9001:2000, 27001:2005, 14001. In these buildings Naitways owns private spaces (advanced physical security, regulated habilited access).

Our hosting partner's full technical and regulatory presentation is available for our Platform users, on request to Onprint.

We do not store any data on our local machines.

5. Stored data use

The only persons who are habilited to access our server data (images, database data) are our Backend developers, and only on the purpose of technical support and problems resolution.

Clickstream data are accessible regarding the service level chosen (Reporting access). Platform users only get access to their own data, and their own customers (organizations).

We engage ourselves to never use Platform users data and images sent on our platform without an authorization for any other purpose than statistics or communication. If you do not want your content to be used, you can let us know by writing us to

6. Openness

Our doors are open to any audition company (CISA certification or equivalent) to ensure our Platform users of our respectful and secure data management.